Who am I, and why did I produce this site?

My name is Marty Hobson, founder of Cancer News Daily. I changed the name From Cancer Report Daily because I feel it is a more accurate title for the site.

My life, like so many others has been touched by cancer. Although I personally have not contracted the disease, many whom I care about and love have had major battles with this merciless killer. Some have won and some have lost.

My grandmother died of lung cancer when I was young. My father had a terrible battle with colon cancer and won – at a tremendous cost. More recently, Haral (Pete) Pedersen, a very close friend of mine, passed away after a long valiant struggle. He had a rare and aggressive form of cancer called liposarcoma. Take this link to my wife Veronica’s blog that talks about our friend Pete: Veronica’s Views. There are countless others , that we pray for on a regular basis, from work and church, suffering from this group of diseases.

It is difficult to measure the cost to mankind that cancer has dealt! Besides the physical devastation and death, the amount of emotional distress of the patient and their loved ones is unfathomable.

Several recent news articles report that Cancer patients who research their disease on the Internet and other media sources are more likely to get the latest treatments! This is one of the factors that prompted me to produce this web site – the desire to get the latest news on treatments into the hands of those that need it most.

This Web Site is about Hope

We are living in exciting times! There are so many new discoveries and developments in the health industry that it is hard to keep up with them all:

  • Special new techniques help us detect cancer sooner, and in less invasive ways than in the past. If caught soon enough we can overpower it before it overcomes us.
  • Treatments for cancer are better and less devastating than in the past. In some cases we are able to target ONLY the cancer cells and not the healthy ones.
  • The frontiers of science are bringing outright miracle cures closer every day, with new discoveries and techniques that even involve the very genes we are made of.
  • Nano technology shows promise of attacking individual cancer cells. The nanites are smaller than the cancer cells themselves and can be trained to seek out and destroy the “bad guys” while leaving the normal cells alone. AMAZING!

This web site was created in an attempt to transmit hope to those feeling hopeless. There was the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, the technological revolution, the information revolution, and now a medical revolution. Cutting edge medical technology and medical discoveries are happening every day! There is hope!

Hang in there!

If you have cancer, you doubtless feel “out of control” and helpless. Have faith! Do what you have to do. Alter your diet and lifestyle. Take your cancer treatments. And, keep informed. Keep your spirits up! Have a positive attitude as best as you can. Help is around the corner.

Resource Links

On the site we also have links to informative videos about specific cancers, treatments and research topics. The videos can be viewed in the  ”thumbnails” as shown on the page, or you may click the thumbnail a second time to view it in a larger format.

Fresh Data

Our data is fresh! It is updated several times daily. I have done away with the “Freshness Check” box that was used on the original Cancer Report Daily site because the data is now updated automatically several times a day! You can “mouse over” the headline and you will see a short summary and the date stamp. This lets you know that the news is up to date.  

Time Savings

For someone interested in cancer, a lot of time can be spent looking for the latest news – performing searches and jumping from one “dead end link” to another. You will find sites that have not been updated in days, weeks or even months! This can be very frustrating. At Cancer News Daily we solve this problem for you by bringing all the latest news to one, easy to find, centralized location. And it is guaranteed fresh! You can verify it for yourself.


My BLOG is now a part of the web site. Take the link at the top of the homepage and you will be able to see my latest observation on Cancer Developements and News.

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